New Investment to TURKEY / BURSA

we founded our fac tory in European Area. It is located in Bursa, a biggest city of Turkey. That means all our manag

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We build a new high technology laboratory

We built our high technology laboratory with optoelectronic measuring system, including HAAS-2000HIGH ACCURACY ARRAY SPECTRORADIOMETER, 1.5M INTEGR

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QR monitoring system

Between we were preparing our new catalogue, we created QR monitoring system. This system overcame the limit of labels and other printings. We concent

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   AQL Technology Limited is a fast growing company whose primary focus is to deliver the latest technology in lighting to our customers. Beside of the super products, we also provide them with perfect solution and creative idea according to their requirements and expectation on the lighting environment.

         Our products are suitable for all areas including outdoor and indoor lighting/decorating, commercial lighting/decorating, residential lighting. Our work and service start from Western Europe to Saudi Arabia, and expanding to all over the world.

         AQL is engaged in all kinds of newly coming lighting products. At mean time, we are also providing power supply, controllers, connectors etc. Which are essential in lighting system. This is creating a convenient one-stop shopping center for our customers.

         We are devoted to providing the best products and service at the lowest cost. The tenet of our business is to achieve a mutual benefit together with our customers. So trust us, you can be sure of a win-win prospect.